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I am Bernadette and I consider myself a bookworm. This blog is about books, the books I've read, about me. Mostly, as I have to tell, you will know me on the books I am reading. I am what I read. This is me.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Its all about GARFIELD

Garfield and yours truly. :) 
First thing's first. I am madly in love with Garfield. Since when? Uhmm 3rd grade I think! Long enough before I realize that all I wanted in my room aside by books is this fat orange tabby cat.

Ask me why I love him when he is lazy, bad, fat and always annoy Odie? Well, I really don't know. Garfield is cute. Perfect. We both love lasagna, sleeping and well, doing nothing. :) My dream has always been to have any thing that he has a picture of.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Me and the Books

Books? These are my best friends. Always been there for me whenever I'm alone, always have the answer to my questions, always there to help me endure the pain and most of all to help me understand things.

I love books, i really do. But I'd rather stay on a bookstore than to stay in a library. I don't know why. Anyway,  whenever i am in a bookstore, you'll get annoyed on how long I would stay on that very precious place and buy nothing with me. Ooops! That was before, when i was just a student, now that I've a got a job, i swear to myself that each payday, I'll buy a book. 

What things do I usually consider in buying a book? Listed below:

  • Price.  I ain't that rich young adult that you'll see in a coffee shop with a cup of coffee on her left hand and a good book on her right hand. :) Whenever I'll buy a book, I'll wait for a bookstore to go on sale. They still have the best books though. I'll scan every book and see the price. P200 and up - I'm not buying it. Unless....
  • Title. I get mesmerized with the title. Really, the title of a book can really be deceiving but it is a priority of mine. It is as if instantly, by reading the title, i know what a book is all about. Or...
  • Back Cover Summary. Important too!! I won't buy a book if the back cover summary doesn't fit the title. And this summary can really catch my attention when it is really interesting on my part. And...
  • Cover Photo. Of course this one is also on the list. Sometimes, by looking at the cover photo, with no regards on the title and back summary, in an instant that i liked it, i'll buy that book but it depends on the price. :)
  • Author. Okay, i'm not really into authors, but when i read a book from that author and I knew it was good, another book from him/her is worth buying.
  • Topic. Haha. Almost forgotten. Not all books are interesting. Some are nothing to me. And topic is important. More often, I am into romance novel and Garfield comic series. :)
There. What do you consider when buying a book? Think I have forgotten something? Tell me now! :)

Here are some of my books photos: 

hooked on books, books, book, bookworm

hooked on books, books, book, bookworm

Some of my new books are not there. :) But soon i'll be posting them.

- Lady Bhadz