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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harry Potter Complete Series - New Cover

It was a chance for me when I knew that Scholastics have released a new set of Harry Potter Books for J.K. Rowling Anniversary. It was a new cover but more artistic. It was always been my dream to buy a complete set but the price even before was too expensive. And when the movie has ended, a complete series becomes harder to find.

Harry Potter Complete Book Series

When there was a book sale on National Book Store, I hoped for a discounted set but only found the most expensive set - costs almost P7,000.00. Good this about it? It has its own chest. Which really will be my next target for the next five years. :)

In the middle of September, I found a complete set of Harry Potter with its newest cover under my table. It was a gift! And I can't believe that someone really have wanted to give me this. I was really thankful. I don't know whether to read the books or keep them as is.

Harry Potter New Book Covers

But one thing is for sure, one out of the seven books on my bucket list has finally arrived on my book shelf. :)

Thanks to my Santa Claus :) An early Christmas Gift for me.