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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Its all about GARFIELD

Garfield and yours truly. :) 
First thing's first. I am madly in love with Garfield. Since when? Uhmm 3rd grade I think! Long enough before I realize that all I wanted in my room aside by books is this fat orange tabby cat.

Ask me why I love him when he is lazy, bad, fat and always annoy Odie? Well, I really don't know. Garfield is cute. Perfect. We both love lasagna, sleeping and well, doing nothing. :) My dream has always been to have any thing that he has a picture of.

There, some of my Garfield collectibles. But its not all of them. I also got shirts. :) Anyway, the first comic book og Garfield I bought was "Garfield Swallow His Pride", it was the 14th edition of Jim Davis' comics. (Anf 14 was my favorite number before). I bought it when I was on grade school or high school. I can't barely remember. It cost only P50.00 because it was a second hand comic book. Though I had it covered in plastic and took care of it like a precious gem stone. When I visit the Fully Booked store, this one cost about P500.00 or more :)

Garfield, Comic Books

Second was "Garfield's Big Book of Excellent Excuses". I bought it on BookSale when I was looking for a good book. I scanned the bookshelf and found it. Without thinking, I took my money and went to the cashier. Poof! The book was mine. The excuses are lame but very funny. If I'd use them, people might hit me. Haha.

Lastly was "Garfield get Cookin". Another book from BookSale! I was having a second thought of buying this one. Why? because it was not that neat. As if it had gone from a water dispenser. But because of Garfield Rush I decided to buy it anyway. It was one of the best Garfield Comic I ever had. And when I saw it on Fully Booked? Wow! Four time the price! 

As of now, I can really say that I am lucky to have these books on cheap prices. I can't afford to buy them when the price is P500.oo+. I might swallow my excuses as well. But whenever I feel the urge of buying them, specially when I know that these comics are really rare, I will always find a way to have them. Anything for Garfield.

Now, isn't Garfield too adorable for me not to notice it?


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