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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Books on my Bucket List

Since I  got my second job, I promised to myself that I will give my self the privilege or I'd rather say, the reward of buying me a book. Either for a month or every cut-off. And now, I've been craving for some books I really wanted my bookshelf to have.

What ended me with this? Some online bookstore! Haha. Gosh, if I am lucrative enough, I might have stolen those books. Anyways, here are some books included on my bucket list (hope to have them till this year ends) :

 * The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan
    Price: PHP 585.00
    My view: I loved the book because of its cover, plus I am really curious about the definition of real love, though I think I already knew it.

 * Between Mom and Jo by Julie Anne Peters
    Price: I forgot
    My view: I was holding this book a little while and fighting with the urge of buying it, now I regret it. Choosing between your parents, who would you choose?

 * Define "Normal" by Julie Anne Peters
    Price: PHP 315.00
    My view: From the title itself, it really is confusing. In this fast changing world, how can we really define "normal"? Tricky!

 * Why we broke up by Daniel Handler
    Price: PHP 489.00
    My view: The book cover was good! And i don't know, the book caught my attention.

 * Rage: A Love Story
    Price: PHP 350.00
    My view: A felt a strong urge of buying it. I don't know WHY.

  * Seriously... I'm Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres
   Price: PHP 585.00
   My view: I have a feeling that this one is amazing and funny as well.

  * Harry Potter Complete Set
  Price: 2,975.00
  My view: It was my DREAM. Gosh I will buy this, I swear! :)

There, at last i finished it. For now, these are the books that I really want to own. Hope to have them all. :)


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